jfa 0.5.1 2021-03-02

  • Reduced the size of the tarball by adding files to the .Rbuildignore
  • Fixed a bug in selection() where if population is sorted or modified, bv still retained the old ordering and data. The resulting sample was overweighted towards small values and/or still contained negative values (Thanks to @alvanson).

jfa 0.5.0 2021-01-04

  • Add a function report() that automatically generates an audit report.
  • Removed the sampling() function, which is now replaced entirely with the selection() function.
  • Changed the output of the evaluation() function when an estimator is used.

jfa 0.4.0 2020-10-30

  • Implemented improved calculation of prior parameters in the auditPrior() function for method = median when expectedErrors > 0.
  • Added digits argument in the internal jfa:::print.jfaPrior(), jfa:::print.jfaPlanning(), jfa:::print.jfaSelection(), and jfa:::print.jfaEvaluation() functions to control rounding in printing.
  • Added description, statistics, specifics and hypotheses to the output of the auditPrior() function.
  • Added class jfaPosterior with print() and plot() methods.
  • Added expectedPosterior of class jfaPosterior to the output of the planning() function, includes description, statistics and hypotheses.
  • Added posterior of class jfaPosterior to the output of the evaluation() function, includes description, statistics and hypotheses.
  • Add a warning message to the sampling() function that it will be deprecated from 0.5.0 onwards. You can use selection() instead, since sampling() causes namespace issues with other packages.
  • Changed the class jfaSampling to jfaSelection. This should not have any consequences.

jfa 0.3.1 2020-10-12

  • Added unit tests that regularly verify results of the planning() and evaluation() functions against benchmarks.
  • Fixed two bugs in the planning() function. The first bug did not allow the user to plan for a monetary sample when their population size was too low. The second bug did not allow the user to select a non-integer number of expected errors when there was a prior involved.

jfa 0.3.0 2020-09-15

  • Implemented the argument counts in the evaluation() function that quantifies how many times each observation should be evaluated due to being selected multiple times in the selection stage.

jfa 0.2.0 2020-08-05

  • Implemented prior construction methods none, median, hypotheses, sample, and factor in the auditPrior() function. In addition to the already supported arm method, these methods allow the auditor to incorporate more sources of audit information into the prior distribution.

  • Implemented minPrecision argument in the planning() function that allows auditors to calculate a sample size so that the difference between the posterior upper confidence bound and the most likely error is lower than the set minimum precision. Also implemented in the evaluation() function as a requirement to approve the population.

  • Return the value mle from the evaluation() function, which quantifies the most likely error. Also return the value of the precision from this function.

  • Implemented increase argument in the planning() function that allows the user to increase the sample size with a set amount each step of the iterations.

  • Implemented more efficient versions of the monetary unit sampling algorithms.

  • Changed the x-axis labels in the default plot to theta instead of misstatement.

jfa 0.1.0 2020-01-08